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Jason Reeves


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Jason Reeves

Our relationship with Jason Reeves began when Warner Bros. asked us to create a music video for the title song of his album, Helium Hearts. Since then, Jason has asked us to collaborate on a number of his videos over the years, some of which have featured guests such as Colbie Caillat and Danelle Leverett. For his latest video, More In Love With You, we decided to emulate the feel of home-video to create a more intimate moment which corresponds with Jason's relaxed demeanor and love for all things beautiful. Three full days of shooting in Nashville for this particular video included driving around in a stunning old cars and swinging on the porch of a lovely Southern estate. These sort of days feel more like play than work. And this mutual enjoyment of working together is reflected in the final product, with a gorgeous film that emanates sweet contented love.